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G35: An Arduino library for GE Color Effects G-35 holiday lights.
Copyright © 2011 The G35 Authors. Use, modification, and distribution are
subject to the BSD license as described in the accompanying LICENSE file.
By Mike Tsao <>.
See README for complete attributions.
#include <LEDStripG35.h>
// Interface for light programs.
// A "light program" is what GE means when they say their lights include 14
// programs. An example is "Chasing Red, White, and Blue."
class LEDStripLightProgram
LEDStripLightProgram(LEDStripG35& g35, uint8_t pattern)
: g35_(g35), light_count_(g35.get_light_count()),
bulb_frame_(g35.get_bulb_frame()) {}
// Do a single slice of work. Returns the number of milliseconds before
// this function should be called again.
virtual uint32_t Do() = 0;
LEDStripG35& g35_;
uint8_t light_count_;
uint8_t bulb_frame_;
// A collection of LightProgram classes. Putting them here makes it much
// easier on app developers because they don't have to create a switch
// statement for every set of programs they're interested in including.
class LEDStripLightProgramGroup
virtual LEDStripLightProgram* CreateProgram(LEDStripG35& lights, uint8_t program_index, uint8_t pattern) = 0;