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G35: An Arduino library for GE Color Effects G-35 holiday lights.
Copyright © 2011 The G35 Authors. Use, modification, and distribution are
subject to the BSD license as described in the accompanying LICENSE file.
By Mike Tsao <>.
and Mark Ortiz
See README for complete attributions.
#include <LEDStripPrograms.h>
LEDStripLightProgram* LEDStripProgramGroup::CreateProgram(LEDStripG35& lights,
uint8_t program_index, uint8_t pattern)
if (program_index == 255)
return new LEDStripSwitchOff(lights);
switch (program_index % ProgramCount)
case 0:
return new LEDStripWhites(lights, pattern);
case 1:
return new LEDStripRainbow(lights, pattern);
case 2:
return new LEDStripRandomStrobe(lights, pattern);
case 3:
return new LEDStripSimplexNoise(lights, pattern);
case 4:
return new LEDStripSineWave(lights, pattern);
case 5:
return new LEDStripChasing(lights, pattern);
case 6:
return new LEDStripColorPhasing(lights, pattern);
case 7:
return new LEDStripDither(lights, pattern);
// not reached
return NULL;