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Check JENKINS-26197 (JGit prune) is working (and other bugs)
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JENKINS-26197 - confirm JGit prunes stale remote tracking branches correctly

Shows a problem in the development version of git plugin 2.3.6. If the development version polls this repository, the polling job will never stop building new copies of itself.

The 2.3.5 plugin does not have that problem (at least in my testing).

JENKINS-30371 reports that JGit was unable to create a symbolic link even on systems (like Linux and FreeBSD) where the file system natively supports symbolic links.

This repository includes two directories, one named "real" and the other named "symbolic". Entries in the "symbolic" directory either point to a file or directory in the "real" directory, or they point to a non-existent file.

The test job modifies the symbolic/file content, then uses the text-finder plugin to confirm the real/file content was also changed.

JENKINS-45447 and JENKINS-47169 report that rev-parse is called for every tag on every build and every poll, even when the tags do not match the branch name specification.

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