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Google Analytics for Go

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Create a CLI that will download GA multi-threaded, using anti-sampling, auto-paging etc. as developed with googleAnalyticsR::google_analytics()

Intended use case is for creating executables that can run on any machine without installing another program first, such as R or Python. This should give more options for running scheduled scripts etc.


There is a Go library for use in your own Go projects, or a command line interface (CLI) for end users.


Find the latest binary for your system (Windows/MacOS/linux) in the release page

Download the binary of the appropriate type for your system and put it in your bin folder such as /usr/local/bin - rename it to gagocli and chmod to 755

e.g. on MacOS

curl -o gagocli
# from folder where download is
mv gagocli /usr/local/bin/gagocli
sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/gagocli

# should now be able to use via

Read the CLI Readme for usage.


Add the gago library to your Go project via go get

Read the gago library Readme for usage.