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a directory of resources for Computational Musicology
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'MusoRepo': a Directory of Resources for Computational Musicology

This is a list of links to resources for computational musicology, with a focus on working with symbolic scores.

There are other, excellent lists out there compiled and hosted by institutions like:

... and individuals like:

I have / will contribute this content to those lists where appropriate, but I think that this list is sufficiently distinct to warrant a separate existence, particularly in light of the focus on working with scores. Please do reach out if you would like to contribute an item to this list, or if you have a suggestion for how to organize it better, or perhaps even a grand idea for us list makers should coordinate our efforts.

Scores and Datasets

Datasets related to scores (e.g. of chord progressions)

Encoded Musical Scores



Analysis / Annotation / Edition / Visualisation

Automatic composition (with A.I.)

Digital music-making

Notation softwares and score rendering

Optical Music Recognition (OMR)

Score Analysis - Open Source Softwares and Code Libraries

Sheet music / readers (commercial)


Groups and Institutions

Archival / Catalogues

Journals and Conference Proceedings

Hackathons and Other Events

Research Groups

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