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Scores of musical scores from the 'Scores Of Scores' lieder encoding project along with conversion code and style sheet as reported in Gotham et al., DLfM 2018.
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Scores of Scores

The Scores of Scores lieder corpus encoding project is a major contribution to the OpenScore encoding effort: creating and releasing publicly a large repository of high-quality musical scores which any internet user will be able to download and use as they please.

This is a corpus of French and German songs from the 19th century. We inherited a corpus of vocal lines from Leigh Van Handel et al. whose corpus of French songs is here, and German songs is here. This project involved converted those files and crowd-sourcing completions of the piano piano parts. A full explanation of the project is provided here.


  1. KRN-XML
    • The original vocal line corpus in krn format with corrects various typos which we found in attempting to covert from krn to xml, along with those raw xml conversions.
  2. Templates
    • XML and MSCX templates smartened up with code including the file provided here.
  3. Corpus
    • The final, completed corpus including crowd-sourced piano lines.

License / Copying

Unless explicitly otherwise stated, all files in this repository are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

Creative Commons License

Please see the file COPYING.txt for details.

Acknowledging Scores of Scores

Given the CC0 license, you can use Scores of Scores for any purpose and are under no obligation even to acknowledge it ... though that would be courteous! If you make use of Scores of Scores, then please do make that known, and if you use it in an academic context, please cite the report we have published with DLfM:

Mark Gotham, Peter Jonas, Bruno Bower, William Bosworth, Daniel Rootham, and Leigh VanHandel. 2018. ‘Scores of Scores: An OpenScore project to encode and share sheet music.’ In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Digital Libraries for Musicology (DLfM’18). ACM, New York, NY, USA.

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