A python script to feed stl files to slic3r-console.exe. Can be told to scan a folder for new stls and automatically slice them.
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Stok3r v0.01 April 2013 by Mark Benson - https://github.com/MarkJB

Stok3r is a batch processing script that feeds stls to slic3r-console.exe

It scans the current directory or the path supplied for STL files, calls slic3r-console.exe with slic3r defaults or settings specified in a config.ini files and slices any stl files found.

Stok3r can be told to automatically scan for new stls every n seconds (default is 10). WARNING! When run with the -a|--auto flag stls will be deleted after slic3r does its thing.


stok3r.py -h|--help

-c|--config file (Slic3r generated config file to specify slic3r settings)

-p|--path path (Path to scan for stl files. Default is to scan current directory)

-a|--auto n (Automatically scan for and slice stl files every n seconds. Default is 10 seconds. WARNING: When run with -a or --auto, stls are deleted from the specified directory once they have been sliced.)

-h|--help (Show this basic help file)


stok3r.py -p c:\path\to\stls -c c:\path\to\slic3r\config.ini -a 10

You will have to tell stok3r.py where to find slic3r-console.exe within the script itself. Set pathToSlic3r = "C:\Path\to\Slic3r\" on line 42.

CCNC licence. Copyright 2013 n stuff. All other rights reserved blah blah blah...

This thing is free. No support is offered or implied. Unless I feel like it. No liability accepted if this thing goes mental and eats your cat (or files).

TODO: Clean up and remove duplicated code.