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This extension adds an <nowiki><aafigure></nowiki> tag to MediaWiki for
embedding an ASCII art image to be processed by the
[http://packages.python.org/aafigure/ aafigure] program.

== Usage ==

Enclose your ASCII art image in an <nowiki><aafigure></nowiki> tag.  You may
use any of the following attributes in the tag to send to the 'aafigure'

; format=''format''
: Image output format, if allowed by the administrator.  E.g., "png", "jpg", "svg"

; scale=''float''
: Scaling factor for image size.

; aspect=''float''
: Aspect ratio for non-text.

; proportional
: Use a proportional font instead of a fixed-width font.

; textual
: Disable fill horizontal detection.  This means that fills must be at least two rows high.

; foreground=''hexcolor''
: Foreground color as six hex digits, RRGGBB.

; background=''hexcolor''
: Background color as six hex digits, RRGGBB.

; fill=''hexcolor''
: Fill color as six hex digits, RRGGBB.

The following options only work when the output format is SVG.  The width and
height arguments are recommended because the software does not properly figure
out how large the resulting image is.

; linewidth=''float''
: Line width.

; width=''pixels''
: Width of the SVG container in pixels.

; height=''pixels''
: Height of the SVG container in pixels.

== Example ==

<aafigure textual scale=0.9 background=ffccff>
| MediaWiki +----+
\-----------+    |
                 o-----> Awesome!
/-----------+    |
| aafigure  +----+

== Installation ==

Copy this package to an "Aafigure" sub-directory of your extensions directory
and add the following to your LocalSettings.php:


Also, copy the content of this README to a [[Help:Aafigure]] page.

== Configuration ==

The following variables can be set in you LocalSettings.php file.

; $wgAafigureSettings->aafigure
: Path to aafigure executable.  Default: "aafigure"

; $wgAafigureSettings->format
: Image file format, passed as --type to aafigure.  Default: "png"

; $wgAafigureSettings->allowed_formats
: Array of image formats that users are allowed to use via the "format" option. Default: none

== Bugs ==

SVG support is lacking in many ways.  First, it does not compute the width and
height automatically; if they are not given manually, the browser draws an
incorrectly sized container.  Second, it should use img tags on webkit rather
than an object tag.  Finally, it should fall back to PNG for non-SVG browsers
(namely Internet Explorer).

== License ==

This work is licensed under the Expat (aka "MIT") license.