A script to convert the output of git patches to Hg format.
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This is a small script to convert a the output of git format-patch to something suitable for hg import. It is not robust, but should work for most cases.

In particular, it does the following:

  • Insert HG changset patch line
  • Convert From: to HG User
  • Convert Date: to HG Date
  • Convert Subject: to the first line of the commit, followed by a blank line.
    • Any leading "Re:" and/or "[.*]" is stripped from the subject.
  • Strip all other headers
  • Strip everything from "---" to the first "diff --git ..." line.


Because hg import does not parse the Date: field, and it also does not strip the extra stuff between "---" and the start of the diff.


The output of this script does not match exactly the output of hg import. It does not remove the extra "index" line after the "diff --git" line, it does not remove the "--"/version from the end of the file, and it leaves the extra diff context after the @'s. All of these should be ignored by hg import.

The script may fail to parse some messages. It has not been tested extensively.


Mark Lodato <lodatom@gmail.com>


MIT License