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\commit 2eecb (2) -> B;
\commit 33104 (3) -> 2;
\branch other -> 3;
% draw the old branch manually with a long line
\node [old branch, above=1 of E] (old master) {master};
\path [old branch line] (old master) edge (E);
\node [cancel ref, above=.2\g of E, anchor=center] {};
\oldHEAD -> old master;
\newcommit f8bc5 (F) -> E;
\branch master -> F;
\HEAD -> master;
\path [background line, bend right=15] (F) edge[-] (3);
\path [commit line, bend right=15] (F) edge (3);
\node [cmd] at (0, 3.75) {git merge other};
\node [inner sep=8\gLine] (merge) at (0,-1) {3-way merge};
\path [background line]
(3) edge [-, bend right=15] (merge)
\path [line]
(3) edge [bend right=15] (merge)
(B) edge [bend right=37] (merge)
(E) edge [bend left=20] (merge)
(merge) edge [bend right=10] (index)
(merge) edge [bend left=10] (work)
(index) edge [bend right=35] node [near start] {(if no conflicts)} (F)
(old HEAD label) edge [dashed, bend left=35] (HEAD)