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📚 A collection of papers about Sketch Synthesis (Generation).
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A collection of papers about Sketch Synthesis (Generation). Mainly focus on stroke-level vector sketch synthesis.

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1. Datasets

Here Vector strokes means having svg data. With photos means having the photo-sketch paired data.

Level Dataset Source Vector strokes With photos Notes
Characters Omniglot ✔️ Alphabets characters
KanjiVG ✔️ Chinese characters
Kuzushiji Japanese characters
Instance-level TU-Berlin SIGGRAPH 2012 ✔️ Multi-category hand sketches
Sketchy SIGGRAPH 2016 ✔️ ✔️ Multi-category photo-sketch paired
QuickDraw ICLR 2018 ✔️ Multi-category hand sketches
QMUL-Shoe-Chair-V2 CVPR 2016 ✔️ ✔️ Only two categories
Sketch Perceptual Grouping (SPG) ECCV 2018 ✔️ With part-level semantic segmentation information
FaceX AAAI 2019 ✔️ Labeled facial sketches
Scene-level Photo-Sketching WACV 2019 ✔️ ✔️ ScenePhoto-sketch paired
SketchyScene ECCV 2018 ✔️ With semantic/instance segmentation information
CMPlaces TPAMI 2018 ✔️ Cross-modal scene dataset
Context-Skecth Expressive 2018 ✔️ Context-based scene sketches for co-classification

2. Sketch-Synthesis Approaches

1) Category-to-sketch

Level Paper Source Code/Project Link
Instance-level A Neural Representation of Sketch Drawings (sketch-rnn) ICLR 2018 [Code] [Project] [Demo]
Sketch-pix2seq: a Model to Generate Sketches of Multiple Categories [Code]
AI-Sketcher : A Deep Generative Model for Producing High-Quality Sketches AAAI 2019 [Project]
Stroke-based sketched symbol reconstruction and segmentation (stroke-rnn)

2) Photo-to-sketch

  • vector image generation
Level Paper Source Code/Project Link
Facial Style and abstraction in portrait sketching TOG 2013
Instance-level Free-Hand Sketch Synthesis with Deformable Stroke Models IJCV 2017 [Project] [code]
Learning to Sketch with Shortcut Cycle Consistency CVPR 2018 [Code1] [Code2]
Learning Deep Sketch Abstraction CVPR 2018
  • pixelwise image generation
Level Paper Source Code/Project Link
Instance-level Deep Factorised Inverse-Sketching ECCV 2018
Making better use of edges for sketch generation JEI 2018
Scene-level Photo-Sketching: Inferring Contour Drawings from Images WACV 2019 [Code] [Project]

3) Text/Attribute-to-sketch

Level Paper Source Code/Project Link
Scene-level Scones: Towards Conversational Authoring of Sketches IUI 2020
Scene-level Sketchforme: Composing Sketched Scenes from Text Descriptions for Interactive Applications UIST 2019
Facial Text2Sketch: Learning Face Sketch from Facial Attribute Text ICIP 2018

4) 3D shape-to-sketch

Paper Source Code/Project Link
DeepShapeSketch : Generating hand drawing sketches from 3D objects IJCNN 2019

5) Sketch(pixelwise)-to-sketch(vector)

This means translating a pixelwise sketch into a sequential sketch imitating human's drawing order. The appearance of the sequential sketch is exactly the same as the pixelwise one.

Paper Source Code/Project Link
Animated Construction of Line Drawings SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 [Project] [code] [Demo]

6) Art-to-sketch

Here we list sketch synthesis based on other image types, like Manga and line art.

  • Hand drawn line art (a.k.a. Sketch Simplification)
Paper Source Code/Project Link
Closure-aware Sketch Simplification SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 [Project]
Learning to Simplify: Fully Convolutional Networks for Rough Sketch Cleanup SIGGRAPH 2016 [Code] [Project]
Mastering Sketching: Adversarial Augmentation for Structured Prediction SIGGRAPH 2018 [Code] [Project]
Real-Time Data-Driven Interactive Rough Sketch Inking SIGGRAPH 2018 [Code] [Project]
StrokeAggregator: Consolidating Raw Sketches into Artist-Intended Curve Drawings SIGGRAPH 2018 [Project]
Perceptual-aware Sketch Simplification Based on Integrated VGG Layers TVCG 2019
  • Manga (Comics)
Paper Source Code/Project Link
Deep extraction of manga structural lines SIGGRAPH 2017 [Code]
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