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A Kotlin interface to the YNAB (You Need A Budget) API.
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A Kotlin interface to the YNAB (You Need A Budget) API.


Getting Started

In order to begin, you must get a Personal Access Token from YNAB and then put it into config yaml (in the personal_access_token property)

The com.pythonbyte.kynab.YnabBroker API

interface com.pythonbyte.kynab.YnabBroker {
    fun getBudgetsPartiallyLoaded() : MutableList<YnabBudget>

    fun getBudgetById( ynabId: String ): YnabBudget

    fun budgetRequiresRefresh(com.pythonbyte.budget: YnabBudget ): Boolean

    fun getRefreshedBudget(staleBudget: YnabBudget ): YnabBudget

    fun getBudgetByName( name: String ): YnabBudget

    fun getAccounts( budgetYnabId: String ) : MutableList<YnabAccount>

    fun getAccount( budgetYnabId: String, accountYnabId: String ) : YnabAccount

    fun getOverSpentCategories(budgetYnabId: String, month: String): List<YnabBudgetCategory>

    fun getCategoryHistory( budgetYnabId: String, categoryYnabId: String): YnabCategoryHistory

    fun createTransaction(ynabBudgetId: String, transaction: YnabTransaction): YnabTransaction

    fun getTransaction(  budgetYnabId: String, transactionYnabId : String ) : YnabTransaction

    fun getTransactions( budgetYnabId : String ) : List<YnabTransaction>

    fun getTransactionsByMemo( budgetYnabId: String, memoText: String): List<YnabTransaction>

    fun getPayees( budgetYnabId : String ) : List<YnabPayee>

    fun getPayee(budgetYnabId: String, payeeYnabId: String): YnabPayee
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