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@@ -8,17 +8,17 @@ It is sad to comeback after New Years with a rant post, but this is something I
On December the 21st 2011 I transferred €400,- from my Dutch bank account at the [Rabobank]( to my Norwegian bank account at [Skandiabanken]( Somewhere this transaction got lost. I have used the correct account information for the transaction which is confirmed by the SWIFT message I got from the Rabobank. But then the Rabobank suddenly needed €50,- in order to start an investigation to find-out what actually happened with my money.
-And that is what makes me annoyed!
+And that is what annoys me!
## The transaction
My wife has a tendency to buy things in Norway since well ... she is Norwegian :) So I quite regularly transfer money from my Rabobank account to my Skandiabanken account. I have created an address book entry in the Rabobank online facilities so I don't have to write down all the account details each time I want to transfer some money from my Dutch account to Norway.
I always use this address book facility when transferring money between my accounts and this time when I transferred €400,- on December the 21st was no different. I requested high priority to speed up the transfer as well. All looked well, within a minute or so the transaction was approved and the money was out of my account the day after.
-<center><img src="" alt="The transfer of €400,- is approved" /></center>
+<center><img src="" alt="The transfer of €400,- is approved" /></center>
-<center><img src="" alt="And gone is the €400,-" /></center>
+<center><img src="" alt="And gone is the €400,-" /></center>
But it never seemed to arrive, I knew Christmas was in between but on December the 30th I called both banks to ask what was going on.

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