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#include <string>
#include <allegro5/allegro.h>
#include <allegro_flare/vec2b.h>
#include <allegro_flare/vec2d.h>
class placement2d
ALLEGRO_TRANSFORM previous_transform;
vec2d position, size, align, scale, anchor;
vec2b flip;
float rotation;
float &x, &y, &w, &h; // for convience
placement2d(float x, float y, float w, float h);
placement2d(float x, float y, float w, float h, float rotation, float scale_x=1.0, float scale_y=1.0, float align_x=0.5, float align_y=0.5, float anchor_x=0.0, float anchor_y=0.0);
void start_transform();
void start_reverse_transform();
void restore_transform();
void build_transform(ALLEGRO_TRANSFORM *transform) const;
void build_reverse_transform(ALLEGRO_TRANSFORM *transform) const;
void draw_box(ALLEGRO_COLOR color, bool draw_origin);
void draw_box_with_padding(ALLEGRO_COLOR color, bool draw_origin, float pt, float pr, float pb, float pl);
void draw_origin();
void clear();
void transform_coordinates(float *x, float *y) const;
void place_coordinates(float *x, float *y) const;
bool collide(float x, float y) const;
bool collide(float x, float y, float padding_top, float padding_right, float padding_bottom, float padding_left) const;
std::string get_string();
placement2d& operator+=(placement2d &other);
placement2d operator*(float f); // mostly used when placement2d represents a velocity
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