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DeveloperUG Prize Giveaway

For the usergroup facilatators Who want to better mange prize allocation Our solution is to streamline and automate the prizegiving process That has direct link to the rsvp list of meetup and keeps track of previous winners Unlike the current manual solution that does not have history of prize allocation and winners

Scope: History of winners to prizes Selecting winners based off a rsvp list taking the history into account Notifying winners via meetup of the prize they won Notifying disqualified winner that they missed out Keeping track of people who missed out for future prizes

Success Factors: Complete success if all the criteria are met Minimum success allocate names without having to manually download it

Design strategy

  • interative and incremental
  • using user stories and acceptance criteria
  • TDD out the anemic domain
  • priotritized single backlog
  • peer code review, someone in the team will eyeball code before merging int he main branch
  • team code review once a week preferably before next session
  • Teamcity, nunit and Moq