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Like `tasklist`, but 5x faster.
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fastlist Build status

Like tasklist, but 5x faster.

    Name  Process Time  System   Context    Page  Total I/O
                         Calls  Switches  Faults
fastlist   0:00:00.031    7933      1571    4693     174322
tasklist   0:00:00.148   71404     28577    6773    1606046

For each process, fastlist prints (1) the executable file, (2) the process ID, and (3) the parent process ID, each separated by a \t, followed by a \n. For example:

λ fastlist
parent.exe  1  0
child.exe   2  1

fastlist is presumably faster than tasklist because it does not print the session name, session number, nor the memory usage of each process. Unlike tasklist, it does, however, additionally print the parent process ID.


  • Install dependencies: scoop install visualc rktools2k3
  • Build binary: cl fastlist.cpp
  • Run benchmark: bench 100



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