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MarkUs logo

Welcome to MarkUs! Online Marking Made Easy

MarkUs is a Ruby on Rails and React web application for the submission and grading of student assignments. The primary purpose of MarkUs is to provide TAs with simple tools that will help them to give high quality feedback to students. MarkUs also provides a straight-forward interface for students to submit their work, form groups, and receive feedback. The administrative interface allows instructors to manage groups, organize the grading, and release grades to students.

1. Features

  • Student files are stored using git
  • Students submit files through the web interface or using version control
  • Graders can easily annotate students' code
  • Instructors can form groups or students can form groups on their own
  • Web-based course administration
  • See the Wiki pages for more features

2. Installation

To install MarkUs for production, see the Installation Guide for details and step by step instructions.

To install MarkUs for development, see either of the docker installation or vagrant installation guides.

3. Who is Using MarkUs?

  • Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada
  • School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • École Centrale de Nantes, France

4. Credits

MarkUs grew out of OLM, which was built using the TurboGears framework. We are grateful to everyone who worked on or funded both projects, and to the creators of Ruby on Rails for building such a great framework. Since 2008, more than 140 undergraduate students have participated in the development of MarkUs; some as full-time summer interns, but most working part time on MarkUs as a project course or on a volunteer basis.

MarkUs' development has been supported by the University of Toronto, École Centrale de Nantes, et. al. Kudos to everyone who turned that support into working code, which you can see in our Contributors list

Supervisors: Karen Reid, David Liu

Former supervisors: Morgan Magnin, Benjamin Vialle