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Changes for MarkUs 0.10.0:
* Use of Bundler to manage Gems dependencies.
* Fixed UI bugs (marking state, released checkbox).
* Fixed bug with javascript cache.
* Fixed bug when uploading the same file twice.
* Improved filename sanitization.
* Added Review Board API scripts (developers only).
* Added Remark Request feature.
* Issue #355: Marking state icon on Submissions page is shifted.
* Issue #341: File name sanitation does not sanitize enough problematic
* Issue #321: Detailed CSV download for Flexible Grading Scheme is broken.
* Issue #306: Added Role Switching.
* Issue #302: Submit Remark Request Button should not be enabled/disabled, but
should stay always on.
* Issue #294: rake load:results not creating assignment_stat/ta_stat
* Issue #233: MySQL database issue with grade_distribution_percentage.
* Issue #200: Students have no UI for accessing their test results.
* Issue #199: Select all submissions for release is broken when student spread
across multiple pages.
* Issue #189: MarkusLogger needs to be adapted so that log files are unique to
each mongrel.
* Issue #156: Adding an extra mark doesn't show up until navigating away from
the page.
* Issue #151: REST api request to add users.
* Issue #122: Annotations with hex escape patterns stripped.
* Issue #107: Non-active students don't show up with the default "All" filter
during initialization.
* Issue #6: Results should not be able to be marked "complete" if one or more
of the criteria aren't filled in.
* Issue #3: Diplaying server's time on student view.
Changes for MarkUs 0.9.5:
* Fixed bug which prohibited removal of required assignment
Changes for MarkUs 0.9.4:
* Fixed releasing and unreleasing marks for students using
select-all-across-pages feature in the submissions table.
Changes for MarkUs 0.9.3:
* Added UI for students to view their test results.
Changes for MarkUs 0.9.2:
* Issue #180: Infinite redirect loop caused by duplicate group records in the
database in turn possibly caused by races in a multi-mongrels-setup.
(commits: 6552f28bf7, 19933b7f65, e39c542a4d, c226371823, ac0e348bb6,
* Issue #158: Default for Students page shows all Students, and bulk actions
renamed. (commit: 1e13630914)
* Issue #143: Fixing penalty calculation for PenaltyPeriodSubmissionRule.
(commit: 537d6c3068)
* Issue #141: Fix replace file JavaScript check (commits: 7f395605a8,
* Issue #129: Uploaded criteria ordering preserved for flexible and rubric
criteria (commit: b76a9a896f)
* Issues #34, #133: Don't use i18n for MarkusLogger and
ensure_config_helper.rb (commits: a00a41e1a6, f652c919ed)
* Issue #693: Fixing confirm dialog for cloning groups (commit: 87e4d826f0)
* Issue #691: Adding Grace Credits using the bulk actions gets stuck
in "processing" (commit: e0f78dd873)
* Fixed INSTALL file due to switch to Github (commits: cfd72b09bb, c0bc922434)
* I18n fixes (commits: bc791a4f21, 232384e05a, 8e2fcb6d61, 95c27db874)
Changes for MarkUs 0.9.1:
* Submission collection problem due to erroneous eager loading
expression (commit: a1d380b60e).
Changes for MarkUs 0.9.0:
* Multiple bug fixes
* REMOTE_USER authentication support
* Redesigned manage groups and graders pages
* Added in-browser pdf display and annotation
* New batch submission collection
* Improved loading speed of submissions table
* Added ability to assign graders to individual criteria
Changes for MarkUs 0.8.0:
* Using Rails 2.3.8
* MarkUs renders a 404 page error for mismatching routes
* Bug fixes on submission dates and grace period credits
* Python and Ruby Scripts using MarkUs API (see lib/tools)
* Displaying and annotating images
A lot of accessibility features have been implemented :
* Missing labels & Better focus on forms
* Adding annotations in downloaded code from students repository
* Re-arrange criteria using keyboard
* MarkUs is now completely internationalized
* Added new translation : french
Changes for MarkUs 0.7.1:
* Bugfix for svn permissions with web submissions
Changes for MarkUs 0.7.0:
* The notes system has been polished, and users can now add notes to groups, students, and submissions.
* Added the flexible criterion marking scheme type
* Added the marks spreadsheet feature
* The table of student submissions can now be bookmarked, and the back-button works correctly
* Minor bugfixes and usability fixes.
Changes for MarkUs 0.6.3:
* Added rake task to automatically regenerate svn_authz in the event of corruption
* MarkUs now ensures student read/write permissions on repositories after cloning groups
Changes for MarkUs 0.6.2:
* For now, students who work alone do not have their repositories named after them
* "Allow Web Submits?" in Assignment Properties page defaults to REPOSITORY_EXTERNAL_SUBMITS_ONLY setting now
* Annotation Category dropdowns no longer close prematurely on mouseover-ing a tooltip
* Added "Reset Mark" capability to grader view
Changes for MarkUs 0.6.1:
* Fixed trace on detailed CSV download for assignments (g9jerboa)
* Random TA assignment now applies only to selected groups (rburke)
* Next/Previous Submission links in grader view no longer skip submissions marked "completed" (c6conley)
* The student edit form now accepts input properly
* New UI in students editor and grader view to manage grace credit penalties
* Functional tests now all pass (c6conley)
Changes for MarkUs 0.6:
* Submissions table is now paginated (c6conley)
* It is now possible to push test results into MarkUs using the new REST API
* TAs and Instructors can exchange notes via MarkUs now (tlclark, fgarces)
* Student is able to delete groups when there are no submitted files and the
studend is the inviter (g9jerboa)
* Subversion repositories are named after the Student's username, when students
work alone for an assignment (g9jerboa)
* Rubric criteria boot in expanded form (c6conley)
* Warning is given, when AJAX calls are working and grader navigates away from
Grader View (c6conley)
* MarkUs logs basic user actions (g9jerboa)
Changes after revision 1021:
* MarkUs 0.5.10 corresponds to revision 1118 in release_0.5 branch (g9jerboa)
* Pump MARKUS_VERSION patch level to 10 (version is now 0.5.10) (g9jerboa)
* Added changelog file (g9jerboa)
* Changed has_submission? in grouping.rb to get rid of "dirty" records
* Removed application of submission rule when manually collect submissions
* Fixed Grader View bug when encountering binary files (g9jerboa)
* Fixed Submission's NoMethodErrors (fgarces)
* Closed CSRF bug of login screen (c6conley)
* Fix bug regarding Python docstrings in syntax highlighter (g9jerboa)
* Fixing bug that didn't highlight C code properly for students (c6conley)
task (g9jerboa)
* Use bulk permissions when creating a new Group (c6conley)
* Added bulk permission controls to Repository library (c6conley)
* Fixed GracePeriodSubmissionRule when students have 0 grace credits
* Fixed typo in I18n variable (c6conley)
* Closed #419 - stack trace when downloading Subversion Export File (c6conley)
* Warnings are now given when assignments have due dates in the past
* Changed/updated next/prev link behaviour (c6conley)
* Fixed annotation_category bug, and average calculation bug (c6conley)
* Closing #402 (c6conley)
* Add version and patch level information to MarkUs (g9jerboa)
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