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  • Figure out how to authenticate on the command line (LDAP?)
  • students should be able to use git on the command line to interface with their repos
  • students should have to authenticate themselves on the command line
    - Manage permissions in Gitolite like in svn


Completed Tasks:

  • Web interface is complete.
  • All tests passing as of Jan 19, 2015


This was referenced Oct 26, 2014


The Git branch has a fully functioning web-interface for students and admins to view repositories and interact with them.

The next steps is to look into Gitolite (which is mentioned here so that students can interact with their repos remotely and from the command-line.

There will need to be some considerations into how students will authenticate with their repos (public/private keys) and some new views will be needed to manage this when Git is the selected source control system for the Markus instance.


There's one outstanding issue I just noticed - if a submission has been collected, you can't go back and collect a different revision. The old collected submission stays there permanently.


@david-yz-liu I'm a little confused as to how to reproduce this. I loaded up an clean instance of MarkUs on the git branch and waited for A1 to be due and collected all submissions. Then I manually went back to the student's repo and collected one of the first submissions (with no files). After that, the collected submission for grading looked like the right one.


@SoftwareDev Yup, you're right. I can't reproduce the issue any more.

reidka commented Apr 26, 2016

This one is really done.

@reidka reidka closed this Apr 26, 2016

It is amazing to see this finally completed! Great job all!


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On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 11:36 AM, Karen Reid

This one is really done.

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