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Notes not being saved #678

baadshah02 opened this Issue · 4 comments

4 participants

baadshah02 Michael Ing Benjamin Vialle Severin Gehwolf

I noticed either on the Groups page where you can add a note for each grouping or add a note anywhere else, it just says "Working..." and continues to load but doesn't add the note. In the rails server log, it says it has completed rendering the page or something like that and does nothing else. So not sure if it's a database issue or something wrong with notes code.

baadshah02 baadshah02 was assigned

This is a chrome issue. It works fine on Firefox.

Michael Ing

Is there any progress on this issue, otherwise i can work on it

Michael Ing mikeing2001 was assigned
Benjamin Vialle

You're assigned :) Thx

Severin Gehwolf

closed with #796.

Severin Gehwolf jerboaa closed this
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