Trying to use annotation categories throws error in Google Chrome #683

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jerboaa commented Feb 23, 2012

From a user:

In the Source Code tab, when I highlight some code and click one of the annotation categories, I don't see the list of existing annotations. This is using Chrome 17.0.963.56 m on Windows 7. I don't have this problem on Firefox. When I open up Chrome's console, I get the following trace when clicking one of the categories:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment
        (anonymous function)DropDownMenu.js:17

I can take a stab at this, assign to me :)

@hansonwu hansonwu was assigned Mar 26, 2012

Cannot reproduce with my environment:
No errors, list of annotations shows, can add annotation in existing category.

17.0.963.79 (Developer Build 125985 Linux) Ubuntu 11.10

jerboaa commented Mar 27, 2012

I think @hoboman313 fixed this meanwhile. Am I wrong?

@reidka reidka closed this Jul 28, 2012
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