Adding MarkUs preferences: In order to add custom filters to show/hide columns #689

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This is basically a continuation for issue #327 where it was suggested to have a filter just like ReviewBoard which gives you options to hide/ show columns.

I can continue working on this, but any suggestions on how I should go about it would be great.

Has anyone used DropDown Menu class before??

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For an example of where we used drop down menus, you can take a look the drop down for locale (en, fr) at $PATH_TO_MARKUS/app/views/layouts/_header.html.erb. select_tag was used. This header is displayed on every page once you login.


Hi tobi,

I was wondering if you go to Markus / public / javascripts / DropDownMenu
and the class DropDownMenu, if that has been used before in MarkUs?

Would you know anything about it?

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@aimenk For this feature to make sense, we'd need to implement user preferences first. I.e. add a new model and make it a has-one association of the user table. In the new preference model add preferences for submission_table and grouping_table (and perhaps also others for which we want filters.). I suggest for a first step, those prefs are only implicitly modified when the user changes displayed columns in these customizable views.

As for the drop-down I don't think plain select tags will do it. We'd want a drop-down of check boxes. I'm not sure what javascripts/DropDownMenu is about. Perhaps the assignment dropdown selection? In any case I don't think we have anything like that in the UI somewhere already. As you can see, this will be a bigger task. I suggest to come up with a few mock-ups first and a description as to how you see this working. Then put it up on the blog and get feedback. My $0.02


Blog has been posted, please feel free to comment away...


I have been working on this issue with aimenk, please assign both of us to this issue.

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Only one person can be assigned the issue on Github. Your comment is sufficient :)


@aimenk and @seanbud what's the status on the preferences? I would be willing to work on this (maybe start where you left off), are you still working on it? If not, please let me know :)


#939 is the main User Preferences issue.

Also note that the table implementation was just changed to React (not that this should make it harder to show/hide columns... @oneohtrix?)

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