Remark Request "Save Changes" Error #903

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joelburford commented Oct 25, 2012

As an admin, mark and release an assignment.
As student, log in and navigate to released assignment.
Click the results tab.
Type something and hit "Save Changes"

An error message pops up:

RJS Error
Reference Error: Effect is not Defined

Element.replace("remark_request_edit", "<div id=\"remark_request_edit\">\n    <form accept-charset=\"UTF-8\" action=\"/en/assignments/1/submissions/1/results/15/update_remark_request\" class=\"edit_submission\" data-remote=\"true\" id=\"edit_submission_15\" method=\"get\"><div style=\"margin:0;padding:0;display:inline\"><input name=\"utf8\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"&#x2713;\" /></div>\n    <textarea cols=\"50\" id=\"remark_request_text_area\" name=\"submission[remark_request]\" onkeydown=\"enableRemarkRequestButtons();\" rows=\"5\">testing</textarea>\n    <div>\n      <input id=\"real_commit\" name=\"real_commit\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"Submit\" />\n      <input OnClick=\"$('real_commit').value='Save'\" disabled=\"disabled\" id=\"remark_request_save\" name=\"commit\" type=\"submit\" value=\"Save Changes\" />\n      <input data-confirm=\"Are you sure you want to submit your remark request?  You will not be able to see your results until remarking is finished.\" id=\"remark_request_submit\" name=\"commit\" type=\"submit\" value=\"Submit Request to Instructor\" />\n    </div>\n</form></div>\n");
new Effect.Highlight("remark_request_text_area",{startcolor:'#BDFCC9'});
puts markdown.to_html
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