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Changes for December 16, 2009
- [NEW] -[ObjSqliteStatement executeStatement] Allows you to execute multiple SQL statements from
one SQL query.
- [RENAMED] Original executeStatement method now has different functionality. The original method
can be called with stepAndResetStatement.
-[ObjSqliteStatement executeStatement] renamed to
-[ObjSqliteStatement stepAndResetStatement]
Changes for December 8, 2009
- [NEW] -[ObjSqliteDB dbExists] Return TRUE if the database file exists.
- [UPDATE] - Thread safety for statements and db objects. You can now use statements
across multiple threads.
Changes for November 19, 2009
- [FIXED] Closing a database, removing it, and then attempting to recreate it with the same db
object it would fail due to the create statement being deallocated.
- [TEST] Added testCloseDbWithInsertStatement to handle the above fix.