My mama told me, you better Markaround.
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This proposal is under development. At the moment only this introductory page is available. Star this repo and stay tuned!

Introducing Markaround

a simple standard for author-friendly, portable Markdown assemblies

What Markdown does for writing individual pieces of content, Markaround does for structuring and interlinking assemblies of them.

A website. A book. PDF documentation. Hyperlinked notes. A Markdown wiki. Anything that goes beyond a single piece of Markdown.

No new syntax to learn. Write standard Markdown and simply organize and link your content together following a few natural and intuitive conventions. Tools conform to author convenience, not the other way around.

authors first

Markaround disentangles authors from technical and proprietary esoterica and let's them focus on their content. It adheres to the Authors First Manifesto. You can learn Markaround in five minutes.

Markaround is designed so you can seamlessly go from writing to reading and navigating links, and then back to editing, all in the same tool with no publish step. WYSIWYG. Organize and reorganize your content as you please, trusting the Markaround editor to update your links.

portability first

Markaround can put both authors and portability first because they go hand in hand.

Authors can compose and assemble content without regard to the tool being used. Any tool that supports Markaround must open, edit or process the content as-is. Mix, match and switch tools freely.

seeing is believing

Check out the demos, including what you are reading now, both in source and published form.

I have already been using this daily for work, and love it. But for it be become a viable standard, it needs many people to try it and provide feedback, good or bad. I invite both authors and toolmakers to participate in the general discussion, browse other feedback, or if you have something entirely new to say, submit a new issue. Do you really like this idea? Let the makers of your favorite tools know.

My mama told me, you better Markaround.