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Haxe based test framework for writing tests in a more natural language kind of way.

It includes hx source files for writing tests, assertions and expectations.

Hxpect currently only supports Haxe 3.


To install you must have Haxe installed.

Then just use haxelib to download the latest version:

haxelib install hxpect

Running Tests

haxelib run hxpect

By default haxelib assumes your source code and tests live in a src/ folder. You can use this command as part of CI or as a pre-build command in your IDE.


Cross Platform

  • Hxpect should work with any haxe project
  • Specifically hxpect works with OpenFL projects
  • TODO: Only enable openfl support with an -openfl flag

Specs or Tests

You can either extend from BaseTest, and write XUnit style tests, or extend from BaseSpec, and write nested specs, depending on your familiarity with each style. Examples of each type are provided below in Getting Started.

Test reports

The default runners produce readable test reports to help you debug. They can also be written to fail with a non-zero error code, and baked in as a pre-compile step to your projects.

Currently test reports are only logged to the command line - which should be enough to get you going, and used as a pre-build command step from Flash Develop or a CI task.


Hxpect allows tests to be written in the form:



The reverse form of not works as well:



Underlying the fluid expect calls are basic assertions that will throw exceptions, for example:

	Assert.isEqual(expected, actual);
	Assert.isNotEqual(expected, actual);

Getting started

Make a test class, or a spec class in the src/tests directory. Tests need to extend BaseTest, and test names need to be prefixed with "test_". Specs need to extend BaseSpec, and need to be called from within a run() block. Have a look at the two examples below and decide what style you want to go with.

Test Class Style

An example test class:

	package tests;

	import hxpect.core.BaseTest;

	class ProjectTests extends BaseTest 
		var thingUnderTest:SomeType;
		public function beforeEach():Void
			thingUnderTest = new SomeType();
		public function test_myTest():Void
			var expected = "expected result";
			var actual = thingUnderTest.someResult();

Currently tests must extend from BaseTest and are recognised from each class if they begin with "test_". Tests are attempted to be run in isolation by creating a new object instance for each test execution, and beforeEach and afterEach steps are ran if found.

Spec Class Style

An example spec class:

	package tests;

	import hxpect.core.BaseSpec;
	class ProjectSpecs extends BaseSpec 
		override public function run():Void
			var thingUnderTest:SomeType;
				thingUnderTest = new SomeType();
			describe("Some feature", function()
				it("should produce the correct result", function()
					var expected = "expected result";
					var actual = thingUnderTest.someResult();

Current specs must extend from BaseSpec and override the run method. Spec files are run in isolation, but because of the nesting and hierarchy, some shared state may occur depending on how you structure the file.

The main advantage of using the spec style of tests is that it produces a more readable test report, and encourages concise naming of tests around specific features.

Test Runner and Spec Runner

To run tests on your project, put your BaseTest or BaseSpec files with your source code and run:

haxelib run hxpect

By default, hxpect will look in the src/ folder and attempt to run all those tests.

To customise the source path, add a parameter:

haxelib run source/code/path

If you want to organise your code to be in one place, and tests in another, add a second parameter:

haxelib run source/code/path test/code/path

You can pass in additional compiler flags on the command line, and use the -regen flag to force tests.hxml to be regenerated every time, like so:

haxelib run -regen -lib myhaxelib

Sample Test Runner Report

Hxpect Test Runner - tests initialised
Operating system: Mac

Running tests on hxpect.tests.AssertTests
+ Test passed: test_assertNull_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_assertEqual_shouldThrowException
+ Test passed: test_assertEqual_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_assertNull_shouldThrowAnException
+ Test passed: test_assertNotNull_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_assertTrue_shouldThrowAnException
+ Test passed: test_assertNotEqual_shouldThrowAnException
+ Test passed: test_assertTrue_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_assertNotNull_shouldThrowAnException
+ Test passed: test_assertNotEqual_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_assertFalse_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_assertFalse_shouldThrowAnException
Tests passed: 12/12

Running tests on hxpect.tests.ExpectAssertionTests
+ Test passed: test_expectToThrowException_shouldCatchAnyException
+ Test passed: test_expectToReturnsExpectAssert
+ Test passed: test_expectToBeNull_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_expectToBe_shouldThrowAnException
+ Test passed: test_expectToThrowException_shouldCatchException
+ Test passed: test_expectNotReturnsExpectAssert
+ Test passed: test_expectToNotThrowException_shouldCatchAnyException
+ Test passed: test_expectToBe_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_expectToNotThrowException_shouldCatchASpecificException
+ Test passed: test_expectToNotBe_shouldWork
+ Test passed: test_expectToNotThrowException_shouldIgnoreExceptionsThatDontMatch
+ Test passed: test_expectToNotBe_shouldThrowAnException
+ Test passed: test_expectToBeNull_shouldThrowAnException
Tests passed: 13/13

Total tests passed: 25/25
SUCCESS - All tests passed

Sample Spec Runner Report

Hxpect Spec Runner - specs initialised
Operating system: Windows
Running hxpect.specs.BaseSpecSpecs:run
+ An empty describe block
+ Using the it block
	+ should register a new step
+ Using the beforeEach block
	+ should call the before each block before each test
+ A full spec
	+ should process beforeEach, and then run the first spec
	+ should process beforeEach, and then run the second spec
+ A nested spec
	+ should run a spec in isolation
	+ should run specs defined after nested steps in isolation
	+ The nested part
		+ should also be run in isolation
+ Every describe block
	+ should run the beforeEach method
Specs passed: 8/8

Total specs passed: 8/8
SUCCESS - All specs passed

Plans for future

See for a list of planned features and wishlist items.

Release notes

See the hxpect lib on for a full lis of release notes.

Other haxe based test frameworks

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Haxe based test framework for writing tests in a more natural language kind of way.







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