A tile merger, for merging multiple images into a single image. Written in C# for the .NET framework for Windows operating systems.
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Tile Merger

The tile merger is a GUI application that takes a folder full of image files and mergers them into a single tiled image. Use the columns field to set the number of tiles per row. The image size is automatically calculated based on the source images. Images are sorted by their filename. I suggest using a numeric prefix naming scheme such as "001 tree.png", "002 table.png", "003 chair.png" etc. in order to predictably position images.

Latest Release

Download TileMerger_rel_c1.zip (34Kb)

  • Requires .NET 2.0 to run


  • Open and extract the files from the zip
  • Run TileMerger.exe

How to use

![Image](c-sharp/build/2011-11-29 Tile Merger preview c1.png)

  • Source directory - browse to a folder full of images that you want to merge
  • Target file - name the file you want to create after merging the images
  • Number of Rows / Columns - the number of rows or columns to fill before wrapping - this changes depending on the Tiling Direction
  • Filename filter - a pattern to match against, filtering only the files that match the filter. Leave blank for all files.
  • Tiling Direction
    • Left to Right - Fill a row from left to right before moving down
    • Top to Bottom - Fill a column from top to bottom before moving right
  • Remember these settings - remembers all the settings in the form
  • Process Images - Attempts to merge the supplied images and save to the Target file path
  • Quit - Closes the application

Version history

Release c1

  • Added Tiling Direction - Left to Right (Original Mode), Top to Bottom (New)
  • Switch between (Number of Columns) and (Number of Rows)

Release b1

  • Added filter text box
  • Added a tooltips to number of columns and filter boxes
  • Asks for file target if Not set
  • Added process label to display number of files processed
  • Fixed series of crashing bugs
  • Filters out non-image files when processed

Release a1

  • Initial release
  • Supports:
    • Source folder
    • Target file
    • Number of columns
    • Remember settings
  • Supports alpha channels. Tested on Windows XP.


Written by John Beech

Used on:


Please create an issue or send feedback here on github!

Available at:

Older versions: