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  • Fixed bug in GET /orders and GET /orders/{id} where fetching very old orders with no currency information attached would cause an error. Now fetching very old orders that do not have currency information simply won't fetch formatted prices and totals.


  • Minor fixes to /files (/media) resource


  • Internal optimization of a core middleware greatly reducing average response time across the whole API! Yay!


  • Improved escaping of q parameter in GET /products endpoint for full text search. Now mixed types are automatically cast to string.


  • Fixed DELETE /invoices/{id} , now correctly removing invoice_id from related order.


  • Fixed PUT /files endpoint, now correctly validating the update.


  • Improved escaping of q parameter in GET /products endpoint for full text search


  • Fixed model for Invoices.LineItems in order to align it with other LineItems
  • Orders now always have attached display_X properties to show totals as strings with currency code


  • Fixed items_total calculations, now price_discount can be equal to zero to achieve "free" products.
  • Fixed internal method for calculating payment_method_total


  • Performance improvements for 2 core middlewares.
  • Added support new notification type, emitted when a new invoice is created.


  • Improved products model validation by enforcing consistency of stock_type stock_level and stock_status


  • Enhanced behaviour of category GET parameter in GET /v0/products endpoint. Now allowing a comma separated list of paths as input and returning products matching at least one of those category paths.


  • Fixed validation of category GET parameter in GET /v0/products endpoint. Now correctly validating it, requiring a string data type.
  • Fixed Model definition for Coupons resource: property usages_left is now required to be >= 0
  • Fixed coupons validation, now correctly requiring a target_id for types PRODUCT_COUPON and CATEGORY_COUPON
  • Fixed sub-resource validation now correctly returning the index of the invalid sub-resource