Ionic eCommerce starter with Marketcloud backend.
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Marketcloud Ionic Starter

Marketcloud Ionic



Since this project uses the Ionic framework, you have to install it first. You can find all the informations at their website

You will also need a marketcloud account, visit and grab a beta account.


  • Fork this repository and then clone it from your local environment.
  • Log into marketcloud website and create an app (or use the demo key we left inside the ionic project)
  • If you chose to create a new application, copy the public key from the website and paste it into www/js/app.js, editing the line marketcloud.public = 'PASTE-HERE'


  • Application skeleton
  • Catalogue
  • Cart
  • Guest Checkout
  • Account management
  • Registered user checkout
  • Add input validation
  • Caching

Contacts && Feedback

  • Feel free to ask questions and to send feedback at info[at]
  • If you want to contribute, just send a pull request :) (It would be super awesome!)