Use this SilverStripe module to define a static universal error page (or set of pages) so that Apache/etc and SilverStripe are serving the same error page. Especially useful for error page designs which persist across multiple websites on the same server.
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SilverStripe Universal Error Page Module


This module is used to add universal error pages to a site or a collection sites. You can use it to specify a path of where to find some standard error pages. These pages can be plain html which will output the raw html of the file or it can be a php file which it will just output the response from a php file.


  • SilverStripe 3.2

Composer Installation

composer require marketo/silverstripe-universalerrorpage


The module can be modified via a YAML file to specify a path or a particular file for a certain error code. To define a path specify this in a YAML config file under UniversalErrorPage with the name DefaultPath If no path is defined it defaults to /var/www/error_pages/ You can also specify a page for a particular error code under UniversalErrorPage.

Sample YAML config

  ConvertOnDevBuild: true
  DefaultPath: '/etc/apache2/error/'
  404: '/etc/apache2/error/error.php'

Any existing SilverStripe error pages will need to be removed as well as the static html files which are created in assets.

Maintainer Contacts


  • Add Tests
  • Fix Extension point and test it
  • Add dev task to remove SilverStripe Error pages and static error pages
  • Find way to prevent /dev/build from generating static pages