Codeigniter PHP framework library for dealing with gettext
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CodeIgniter Gettext

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This is CodeIgniter PHP framework package for dealing with Gettext.

This package is a fork from Marko Martivović library :

Please use Composer to install it and include it as a package in your CodeIgniter application.


Please note that following steps assume that you have correctly installed gettext and configured Codeigniter on your server.

  1. Use composer to install this package composer require joel-depiltech/codeigniter-gettext
  2. Add this package to auto-load packages array $autoload['packages'] = array(FCPATH . 'vendor/joel-depiltech/codeigniter-gettext/src'); or include it with Loader library $this->load->add_package_path(FCPATH . 'vendor/joel-depiltech/codeigniter-gettext/src');
  3. Load default configuration file $this->load->config('gettext'); or add it to auto-load config array $autoload['config'] = array('gettext');
  4. Load the library $this->load->library('gettext'); or add it to auto-load library array $autoload['library'] = array('gettext');
  5. Load the helper $this->load->helper('gettext'); or add it to auto-load helper array $autoload['helper'] = array('gettext');
  6. Create gettext locales directory according to your gettext_locale_dir (application/language/locales by default). Inside that directory create locale_name/LC_MESSAGES path for each of your locales and place your .mo files inside.

This is an example how to load Library overwriting default configuration:

class Your_controller extends CI_Controller
   public function __construct()

                'gettext_text_domain' => 'my-project',
                'gettext_locale' => 'fr_FR.UTF-8',
                'gettext_locale_dir' => 'language/gettext'


If you have some issues with this package or is not working properly, please check your CodeIgniter log files. 'INFO' message is just for giving informations about the process, pay attention to 'ERROR' message which help you to resolve your issues.

Submit a new issue if you can't solve your problem and help us to enhance this package.

Additional Usage

If you want to use URIs in i18n Style, you can easily add a Post-Controller-Hook like the sample below. Place the following code inside your application/config/hooks.php.

$hook['post_controller_constructor'] = function()
     * Localisation Strings Windows:
     * @link
     * @link
     * Localisation Strings Unix:
     * Verify that the selected locales are available by running `locale -a`. 
     * in addition take a look at
     * @link

    $locale = Array(
        "de" => Array(
        "en" => Array(

    $CI = &get_instance();
    $lang = $this->uri->segment(1);
        $getTextConfig = Array( 
            'gettext_catalog_codeset' => 'UTF8',
            'gettext_text_domain' => 'example',
            'gettext_locale_dir' => './language/locale/';
            'gettext_locale' => $locale[$lang]
        $CI->load->library('gettext', $getTextConfig);
    else {