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XMPP BOSH toolkit

This code enables you to prebind a XMPP BOSH session with PHP and attach to the same session with jQuery. Traditionally when connecting to XMPP from Javascript using BOSH you need to pass JID and password to the client side that triggers authentication trough BOSH. This is both insecure and inefficient because your Javascript library must support all required authentication mechanisms. Much better idea is to authenticate on the server side (prebind BOSH sesion) and instead of passing JID and password to client side pass JID, SID and RID for attaching to BOSH session. This way the worst case scenario means that only one session can be compromised, and that your can drop authentication layer from your Javascript library.


This repository holds PHP XMPP BOSH prebind library forked from xmpp-prebind-php and patched to support additional authentication mechanisms. It also holds jQuery plugin for handling XMPP BOSH session attachment from client side using JID, SID and RID.


Inside examples directory there are two examples where I pass BOSH session data using cookies. One example shows you how to do this for ANONYMOUS and for other SASL mechanisms like DIGEST-MD5.