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Blurred progressive image loader for React
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Progressive Image Loading for React.


  1. Install
npm install react-blur-image-loader react react-dom -S
  1. Usage
import {render} from 'react-dom';
import BlurImageLoader from 'react-blur-image-loader';

render(<BlurImageLoader src={"picture.jpg"} 
                        transitionTime={400}/>, document.getElementById("root"));
  1. Props
PropName Type Default Value Description
src string Null This field is REQUIRED, it specifies the final image url
preview string "" Specifies a preview image url, a preview image should be a tiny optimized image, it will be present until final image loaded, if preview is not defined, a spin loader would be present until final image loaded.
fullCover bool false Specifies whether image should cover its parent area or contain inside.
maxBlurLevel number 10 Specifies the level of Gaussian blur, refer to stdDeviation.
transitionTime number 400 Specifies the transition time from blur to clear, default value is 400ms.
loader React.Element <DefaultLoader /> Specifies the preview loader
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