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PersistentRotation beginner's guide

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All mods mentioned here are not required for PersistentRotation to work, but are nativeley supported!

How to install PersistentRotation

You can download the latest release from SpaceDock or Curse or by using CKAN. After extracting the folder you need to put the contents of the included GameData folder into the folder with the same name inside you Kerbal Space Program folder.

How to use PersistentRotation

When switching to a flight scene you should already see the User Interface of PersistentRotation appear on the upper left side of the screen. PersistentRotation has two modes, Rotation and Momentum. You should already be able to see a corresponding button for both of them. Per default, the Rotation mode is enabled. You can see which mode is enabled by the color of the text (green = enabled, red = disabled). When clicking one of the two buttons, the rest of the User Interface will only display the specific elements for that mode. The next part of this guide will explain both modes in detail.

Rotation Mode

The rotation mode is enabled by default. It allows you to persistentley keep your vessels orientation relative to a selected reference object, no matter wether in real time, in timewarp or even when unloaded. The reference object can either be a celestial body (e.g. Kerbin) or another vessel. By default, the reference is set to none, wich means your vessel will keep an absolute orientation, as you are used to from playing the game before. The first button below the "Momentum" and "Rotation" buttons is the "Set Reference" button. Clicking it will result in a new User Interface appearing, wich has five buttons. These buttons are used for setting the reference for rotation to a custom value.

The first button is the "Set" button. To use it, open up the map and select a target (you can do this by right-clicking on another planet or vessel and selecting "Set as target"). After doing this, close the map and press "Set". Now, the reference, which is being displayed below the "Set Reference" button in the main User Interface should be the target you just selected. The second button is the "Unset" button. By pressing it your reference will be reset to none. The third and fourth button will set your reference to the displayed body and only exist because you cannot set your target to the Sun or the body whose sphere of influence your vessel is currently in. The fifth button is special: It will enable the "Dynamic" mode, which will continuously set the vessels reference to the main body.

It is also necessary to know that Reference rotation will only work when:

  • the Rotation mode is active.
  • SAS is enabled and set to "Hold".
  • The magnitude of the vessel momentum is close to zero.
  • The vessel is powered up.

Absolute rotation will only work when:

  • either SAS, MechJeb or the RemoteTech flight computer are enabled
  • The magnitude of the vessel momentum is close to zero.
  • The vessel is powered up.

If those conditions are not met, the vessel will internally fall back to "Momentum mode".

Momentum Mode

Momentum mode simulates the vessel momentum during timewarp and keeps the values persistent. The User Interface in this case only features control over the additional momentum autopilot. This means, that you can enter a desired amount of revolutions per minute and the autopilot will make the SAS rotate exactly that fast. This is useful for two reasons: First, the physics engine of Kerbal Space Program has a slight amount of "angular drag", slowing down every kind of momentum over time. Second, this can be used to build space stations that utilise the concept of artificial gravity (centrifugal force) to create a healthy Kerbin-like enviroment for their inhabitants. In the future, PersistentRotation might cooperate with life support mods to reward players for having their Kerbonauts live in such an enviroment or to punish them if not. Anyway, replaying the docking scene from the movie Interstellar is already enough of a challenge.

The Configuration Window

If the gear-symbol in the top right corner of the main User Interface is clicked a third User Interface will appear. Here, you can configure two aspects of the mod: First, you can decide which toolbar to use to hide the User Interface: None, the Stock Toolbar or Blizzy's Toolbar. Second, you can choose which reference newly launched vessels should have: None or Dynamic.

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