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A way to resolve Math expressions as String in java.

In java, we don't have anything like the eval from JavaScript. So.. I created a way.

To use is very simple.

Expression exp = new Expression("(15+5)*8+(5-6/(5+5))");  
double result = exp.resolve(); 

And to make easier to parse string after instantiate the class you can set variables like:

Expression exp = new Expression("(x+x+x)*5");  
exp.setVariable("x", 3);  
double result = exp.resolve(); 

But, expressions can be more powerfull than it. In the new Expression class is possible to use functions like the ones of the Math class, and these are:

cos, sin, tan, acos, asin, atan, sqrt, sqr, log, exp, floor, ceil, abs e neg

To use, write on your expressions with functionName(value).

Something like:


And theres a special function 'rnd' wich returns a random number, and can be used inside the expressions.

Eg. rnd(42), returns a value between 0 and 41.99