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builds Import creaturedisplayinfo and use it to find encrypted BLPs Sep 15, 2019
css Fix navbar rendering messing up on certain resolutions Aug 3, 2019
dbc Automatically insert new TACT key lookups Sep 11, 2019
files Add matching contenthash lookups to TACT key researching page Sep 15, 2019
help WIP basics of upcoming feature May 24, 2019
img Closer layer menu by default, fix minimap toggle icon Aug 24, 2019
inc Add human readable file sizes Sep 11, 2019
js fix dmp prettyhtml newline characters May 18, 2019
monitor Add basic config diffs for monitor (closes #29) Jul 21, 2019
mv Bump modelviewer data build Aug 2, 2019
.gitattributes Initial commit Feb 26, 2019
.gitignore Add raw minimap PNG dir to .gitignore Jun 24, 2019
404.php Remove short tags May 24, 2019
LICENSE Create LICENSE Jul 1, 2019 Create Jul 1, 2019
about.php Update open-source tool list Sep 10, 2019
catalog.php Remove short tags May 24, 2019
faq.php Update FAQ/About pages Aug 24, 2019
index.php Add minimap applications to frontpage changelog Aug 31, 2019
robots.txt Add robots.txt Apr 21, 2019
user.php Remove short tags May 24, 2019

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