@thinkyhead thinkyhead released this Oct 5, 2015 · 8362 commits to 1.1.x since this release

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Changes: 1.0.1...1.0.2

  • Added "Detailed Z Probe" menu item for Automatic Bed Leveling.
  • Fixed: #1038 Steppers were disabled during filament change.
  • Display Z position on LCD without leading and trailing zeros.
  • Fixed: #1315 DOGLCD and LCD_PROGRESS_BAR conflict.
  • Fixed CoreXY incorrect speed calculation.
  • Improved support for thermal relays. SLOW_PWM_HEATERS
  • Fixed: Re-calculate volumetric when mm3 is enabled, update LCD menu.
  • Fixed CreateTemperatureLookup.py script domain issue.
  • Fixed an overflow issue in thermal runaway to prevent false timeout.
  • Added support for SAV-MkI and SAV 3D LCD.
  • Added a Delta Calibration sub-menu option. DELTA_CALIBRATION_MENU
  • Added Filament menu.
  • Include retract/recover settings in EEPROM storage.
  • Improved support for Travis CI build testing.
  • Documentation: Assert that X and Y probe offsets must be integers.