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@thinkyhead thinkyhead released this 31 Jul 07:38
· 11441 commits to bugfix-2.1.x since this release

Marlin 1.1.9 is the final 8-bit flat version of this firmware, and the last 1.1.x release. A monumental amount of talent and effort has gone into its production. Throughout Marlin 1.1 development we worked closely with the community, contributors, vendors, host developers, library developers, etc. to improve the quality, configurability, and compatibility of Marlin Firmware, while supporting a wide variety of Arduino-based boards.

For this development cycle we aimed to address bugs and overhaul the motion planner. The end result is a much smarter and more robust motion system, and this should be noticeable as improved print results and reduced print job times.

Change Log

New Features

  • Specify stepper drivers per-axis. Marlin determines pulse timing.
  • Updated to Linear Advance 1.5 (with new K value range)
  • Added POWER_LOSS_RECOVERY for SD printing (based on work by Creality3D)
  • Added POWER_LOSS_PIN to detect power loss early and save state
  • Added Z_CLEARANCE_MULTI_PROBE to set probe "bump" distance
  • Added DELTA_FEEDRATE_SCALING to dynamically scale the feedrate for correct delta motion
  • Added a Lightweight Status Screen LIGHTWEIGHT_UI for ST7920 (most graphical displays!)
  • Added homing / leveling / probing options
  • Added M701 / M702 filament load / unload
  • Added SLIM_LCD_MENUS for reduced build size
  • Added AUTO_POWER_CONTROL to turn power on/off as needed
  • Added M421 N parameter to set a mesh point to NAN
  • Added support for Malyan LCD

Fixed and Optimized

  • PlatformIO Auto Build for Atom and VSCode. Builds based on MOTHERBOARD setting.
  • Improved stepper timing, smoothness, etc. Try these new features:
    • ADAPTIVE_STEP_SMOOTHING : Smoother multi-axis motion at lower speeds
    • JUNCTION_DEVIATION : An alternative to classic jerk limiting
    • S_CURVE_ACCELERATION : S-shaped acceleration curves to reduce ringing
    • DELTA_FEEDRATE_SCALING : Correct the feedrate so it applies to Cartesian mm/s
  • Improved performance, stability, reliability, and error handling
  • Improved LCD display, status message, and controller response
  • Improved multi-extruder filament change
  • Added Creality and other example configurations
  • Many improvements for Trinamic stepper drivers, sensorless homing
  • Various improvements for UBL and G26
  • Various improvements for Auto Bed Leveling
  • Updated languages: Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish
  • Improved M43 pins debugging
  • Improved PlatformIO build support
  • Improved G33 delta calibration
  • Improved Max7219 LED matrix support, daisy-chaining
  • Improved handling of probe/endstop errors
  • Improved temperature reading and thermocouples support
  • Better handling of serial communication
  • More complete M503 report with ABL mesh
  • Various improvements for SWITCHING_EXTRUDER and MK2_MULTIPLEXER
  • Various improvements to pin assignments
  • Improved custom boot and status screens, add 3-frame fan animation

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Update Advanced Pause / Filament Change settings
  • Report an error on unsupported commands
  • Set laser/spindle power to minimum on disable

For Developers

  • Linux / Darwin-compatible build scripts for running tests locally
  • Improved GitHub helper scripts.

Known Issues

  • Please report any issues with tool change, bed leveling, special extruders, dual X axis, and SCARA.

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