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Build (Ubuntu)

Install JDK

apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

Download and extract android SDK

Go to You don't need to download ADT Bundle, just sdk. For example "android-sdk_r24.1.2-linux.tgz". After that you need to extract file by using tar:

tar -xzvf android-sdk_r24.1.2-linux.tgz

It will extract content of the archive to current directory.

Update your sdk

cd android-sdk-linux/tools

Check "Android SDK Build-tools" (22.0.1), suggested packages and click "Install"

Install git

apt-get install git

Clone aRevelation project

git clone

Install ia-32-libs or gcc-multilib (x86_64 OS)

sudo apt-get install ia-32-libs

Go to project directory and run build

cd aRevelation
export ANDROID_HOME="path/to/android-sdk-linux"
./gradlew build

You can find .apk files in aRevelation/build/apk