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Raven DB
This release contains the following:
/Client - RavenDB lightweight client for .NET 4.0 and its dependencies.
*** This is the recommended client to use ***
/Client-3.5 - RavenDB lightweight client for .NET 3.5 and its dependencies.
/Silverlight - A lightweight Silverlight 4.0 client for RavenDB and its dependencies..
/EmbeddedClient - The files required to run the RavenDB client, in server or embedded mode.
Reference Raven.Client.Embedded.dll and create a DocumentStore, passing a URL
or a directory. See the docs for more help.
/Server - The files required to run RavenDB in server / service mode.
Execute /Server/Raven.Server.exe /install to register and start the Raven service
/Web - The files required to run RavenDB under IIS.
Create an IIS site in the /Web directory to start the Raven site.
/Bundles - Bundles for extending RavenDB in various ways
/Samples - Some sample applications for RavenDB
* Under each sample application folder there is a "Start Raven.cmd" file which will
starts Raven with all the data and indexes required to run the sample successfully.
RavenSmuggler - The Import/Export utility for RavenDB
You can start the Raven Service by executing /server/raven.server.exe, and then you can then visit
http://localhost:8080 for looking at the UI.
For any questions, please visit:
Raven's homepage:
For your convenience RavenDB is also available as nuget packages: RavenDB and RavenDB-Embedded.