An example web application using Saturn, F#, and onion architecture
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Saturn Example

See my blog for more details.

Saturn with CAS Single Sign-On Sample Application

The Saturn App Template is best developed with Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio 2017 (Community works).

More about Saturn

This is for pure F# web applications and should be preferred over the original web app template.

You can target netstandard2.0, but in that case you wont be able to use the FSharp.Data SqlCommandProvider and some other F# type providers.

Here is a list of the possible target frameworks.


  • Example CAS setup
  • Examples of an access restricted application using two routes
    • Logged In View
    • Default View
  • How to setup a config using FSharp.Configuration and YAML

How to get me running

  1. Clone me
  2. Copy config_design.yaml and rename it to config.yaml
  3. Install packages with .paket/paket.exe install
  4. Run the build and launch the app
    1. in bash sh Run
    2. in cmd build-dotnet.cmd Run

Optional libraries

Instead of Chessie for error handling I recommend the builtin Result type or FsToolkit.ErrorHandling which provides more utilities

FsToolkit.ErrorHandling has been installed in Infrastructure and WebHost

Test Framework


  • xUnit

  • FsUnit

Optional Recommendations

How to host development on IIS

By default this template will run as self-hosted using Kestrel, but you can host on IIS too.

  1. Add a site to IIS and point it to the WebHost folder
  2. Configure the bindings to whatever port you want to run it on. The template uses 8085.
  3. Configure the Application Pool to use No Managed Code
  4. Configure the web.config file
    1. Make sure processPath points to where the executable is stored when the project is built. This is template puts it here: .\bin\Debug\net461\Template.Saturn.WebHost.exe

You can also host on IIS as a published site

The above steps will get you there but instead of pointing to the WebHost folder, use Visual Studio or dotnet publish to create a published site and use that in IIS. You may need to copy over the web.config file manually. I don't know why.

I might be running on Azure

You can login with your Net ID.