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Running in VS Code FSI

You'll need to install the Ionide tooling for this to work.
See this Getting Started with VS Code

  1. Open site/webserver.fsx
  2. Select all of the file to highlight it
  3. Hit Alt + Enter
  4. You should see a bunch of stuff happening in the TERMINAL tab
  5. Go to http://localhost:8083 on Azure

Deploy to Azure

This repository shows how to use FAKE, Paket and KuduSync to deploy a website to Azure.

Getting started

  • Go to and create an Azure account
  • Clone this repo and follow the setup steps from
  • Congratulations your first website is running on Azure!
  • (Optional) Look at your Azure management portal and copy the deployment trigger url to the webhooks of your github repo.
    • This allows you to trigger deployments via git push origin master.

How is it working?

Whenever you push to Azure the deploy.cmd will be run and

  • it downloads the latest paket.exe and uses it to restore the NuGet packages from the paket.dependencies
  • it uses FAKE to execute the build.fsx which can be used to compile an application
  • it uses KuduSync to synchronize the changes to your Website
  • it uses FAKE to run the site/webserver.fsx script which then starts a webserver

Going further

This is a basic setup and only starts a very small FAKE script on Azure. Feel free to modify the build and webserver script or you might even want to start a different application from it. If you need more NuGet packages then modify the paket.dependencies file and run .paket/paket.exe install. You can find more information in the Paket docs.