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The MarsBased Handbook 🚀

Welcome to MarsBased! This is the first thing you should read when boarding the MarsBased spaceship.

Here you will find the most important information about the company to help you to get familiar with it. We also compiled some of our guides & interesting stuff you should read (and some trivia & fun stories to make it more digestible).

If you're a visitor and want to use them, feel free to use them anywhere, but we'd appreciate it that you linked us back in appreciation.

We have decided to make this handbook publicly available so we can share as much as we can with other companies out there, potential candidates and prospective clients alike. Everyone is welcome!


  1. First day
  2. Company culture
  3. What influenced us
  4. What we do
  5. Project types
  6. Current projects
  7. How we work
  8. Operations
  9. Development
  10. Our rituals
  11. Open Source
  12. Talks & Podcasts
  13. Hiring
  14. Benefits & perks
  15. Holidays, Time off & Sick leave
  16. Careers at MarsBased

Our guides

For now, we have the following resources available:

  1. Branding guidelines
  2. File storage, permissions & security
  3. Our project management guidelines
  4. Our SEO guidelines for new projects
  5. Our blogging guide
  6. How to write a damn good blog post

Our development guides

  1. Our Rails ActiveRecord guide
  2. Our Docker guides
  3. Our Git & Commit guidelines
  4. Some of our used programming patterns
  5. Angular guidelines
  6. React guidelines

Other useful resources

  1. MarsBased website
  2. MarsBased blog
  3. Life on Mars - The MarsBased Podcast, English Edition
  4. Life on Mars - The MarsBased Podcast, Spanish Edition
  5. MarsBased newsletter
  6. MarsBased YouTube channel
  7. Productivity: A repo containing productivity hacks (for now, only TextExpander snippets)


We encourage you to contribute! Please check out the Contributing guides for guidelines about how to proceed.


Here you will find the MarsBased employee handbook and some of our guides & interesting stuff you should read.