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ArcDPS Boon Table
ArcDPS Boon Table.sln 2nd commit. laying groundwork Apr 28, 2018
README.MD Add readme from wordpress Dec 27, 2019


ArcDPS Boon Table



Alt+Shift+B (overwrites Arc’s default boon table hotkey) or checkbox in the arc options

Right-click for options menu


use disabled color for on not-hover
show in/out of combat
add profession column
add optional profession colors
add scholar uptime
add seaweed salad uptime
make columns same order as
option to re-order columns
show which column is used for sorting currently
add line between subgroups when sorting by subgroup
add condi generation/uptime
add style options similar to Arc
add option to ‘Hide Zero Buffs’
look into self being 1st player in list
make the subgroups bake use a tuple for (subgroup number,<players in subgroup>)
Add signet uptime
does the subgroup hiding work well?
guardian signet share


July 20 2019
    Add dynamic version string
    Make boon generation not cap at 100% for duration stacking boons
    Use arcdps exports instead of reading the arc ini manually
    Add tracking for Signet of inspiration (more coming soon)
    Remember boons on players bars when they exit combat instead of assuming they will expire before player reenters combat
        Fixes an accuracy bug mainly visible in FotM / WvW
    Significant performance improvements (30%-50% reduction in cpu usage to render the table)
    Misc code cleanup
May 11 2019
    Remove Glyph of Empowerment tracking since it’s no longer in the game
    Add tracking for stealth and superspeed
April 23 2019
    Fix a rare crash in cases of extreme boon generation
February 1 2019
    Add initial boon generation support
        I’ve tested this a considerable amount myself, but please let me know of any oddities regarding generation. (Uptime is still as accurate as ever)
    Fix showing old subsquads when in a party
    Hide UI during loading screens/character select
January 8 2019
    Fix crash when launching GW2 with the UI hidden
    Rework when the ‘Total’ row shows
January 1 2019
    Completely rewrite the table’s UI code
        let me know of any issues and feedback
    Fix keyboard input requiring the mechanics log to also be running
    Fix subgroups not updating when a known player joins the 2nd time
    Fix non-bar display being off by 2 decimal places
    Change menus to mimic arcdps’s new style
December 25 2018
    Add tracking for water spirit
    Add initial support for pre-booning (mainly impacts fractals)
    Code Cleanup
    Fix a bug where some boon applications would have vastly negative duration
December 18 2018
    Add additional checks for empty player data
December 13 2018
    Fix boon uptime calculation potentially overflowing in extended combat
    Add option to show uptime as a % instead of a progress bar
    Make options menu work anywhere on the window
    Make subgroup column only show if the subgroup section shows
    Add additional checks for empty player data
    Add support for boon extensions (requires new arcdps, not yet released)
November 29 2018
    Add tracking for swiftness and resistance uptime
November 7 2018
    Code cleanup
    Don’t show if a player currently has a boon as per Terms of Service (oops)
        Thanks to deltaconnected for pointing this out
October 9 2018
    Simplify internal tracking code (breakage possible)
    Make a players initial subgroup accurate
October 2 2018
    Update for arcdps cbtevent changes
Sceptember 17 2018
    Fix some issues on player removes
September 11 2018
    Fix potential crash when leaving a squad
    Fixed Total line showing after joining/leaving a squad
    Add optional “Y”/”N” for if a player has a boon currently
    Fix header column alignment
    Add rt-click button to clear the table as a temporary fix for arc’s missing remove notifies
    Update to match combat api changes
August 18 2018
    Initial pre-release
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