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Beautiful and responsive UI components and templates for React and Vue (soon) with Tailwind CSS.


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Float UI is collection of modern UI components and website templates built on top of React, and Vue (soon) with Tailwind CSS, the components are beautiful designed, expertly crafted, allow you to build beautiful websites.

Why Float UI?

First, Float UI is fully free, and open source, you don't need to pay anything to use it, and we are working on it full-time, so we'll keep improving, and adding more UIs, the second thing if you’re working on a large project that requires a high level of UI customization or you find yourself repeating the same UI patterns across projects, consider creating an internal UI library, and in this case Float UI is a great choice. You should definitely use it.

Getting Started

First, install the dependencies we highly recommend using pnpm, and run the development server:

npm run dev
# or
yarn dev
# or
pnpm dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

Quick start

  • UI components : UI components for React and Vue (soon) with Tailwind, every example support both directions LTR and RTL.

  • Website templates : A collection of professional and beautifully designed website templates, built on top of React, Next.js and Nuxt (soon) with Tailwind CSS.


If you're interested in contributing to Float UI, please read our contributing guide to learn about our development process before submitting a pull request.