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VTOLVR Modding aims to add more user-created content into VTOL VR on steam as mods. With the mod loader, players can add custom code into the game to add extra features that they wanted.
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Example Mods/NoGravity

VTOL VR Mod Loader

VTOL VR Mod Loader is a basic mod loader to help people get custom scripts/assets into the game VTOLVR on steam.

How to install VTOL VR Mod Loader

  1. Download the zip from the releases tab
  2. Extract the folder to the root of your game folder
  3. Open the folder and run VTOLVR-ModLoader.exe to launch the mod loader

How to use the mod loader

The Mod Loader This mod loader is very basic, on the left you have mods which have been found inside your mods folder. On the right, there are the mods which will get loaded when you press the "Inject Mods" button. To move a mod from the unloaded to loaded and the other way round, you just use the arrows to the side.

Once you have moved the mods you want to load, first, make sure the game is running. There is a little shortcut under the unloaded mods which launches the game via Steam. Once the game is in the first scene on the aircraft carrier, then you can inject the mods. The Aircraft Carrier where you can inject the mods

WARNING, You can inject mods twice, there is no protection to stop you from doing this.

Just move them back to the unloaded side or close the application and reopen it if you want to load more mid-session.

Mods List

Mod Name Description Version Download Link Author
No Gravity Adds a basic button to disable/enable gravity 1.0 Download . Marsh.Mello .
Console Mod Displays the Unity Console in a sperate window 1.0 Download . Marsh.Mello .

How to create mods

Mods are created in C# in Visual Studio using the .net framework. Creating these mods are just like creating your own script in Unity, so if you have experience in writing C# scripts in Unity you can check out my more detailed post in the Wiki.

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