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Python DAG Longest Path

An algorithm that finds the length of the longest path starting from vertex 0 in a DAG, done for an Algorithms and Data structures paper.


First: Find a topological ordering of the given DAG. Then: For each vertex v of the DAG, in the topological ordering, compute the length of the longest path ending at v by looking at its incoming neighbors and adding one to the maximum length recorded for those neighbors. If v has no incoming neighbors, set the length of the longest path ending at v to zero. In either case, record this number so that later steps of the algorithm can access it.


The input consists of a sequence of one or more DAGs. Each DAG D is represented by an adjacency list. The first line is an integer n that indicates the order of D. This is followed by n white space separated lists of adjacencies for vertices labeled 0 to n − 1. The input is terminated by a line consisting of a single zero. This line should not be processed. Each input DAG may contain up to 5000 vertices and 10000 arcs.


The output is a sequence of lines, one for each input DAG. Each line contains a single integer indicating the length of the longest path starting from vertex 0.


To get started with the script, clone the repo and then specify an input file and output file. Example files are provided:

$ python3 < > mytestcases.out

Compare the result using diff (No differences will return if correct:

$ diff test-cases.out mytestcases.out
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