A probot plugin for automatic issue duplicate detection
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Probot Issue Duplicate Detection

a GitHub Integration built with probot that automatically detects duplicate issues so you don't have to.


# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run the bot
npm run

For more information, see the documentation for probot.


The bot will comment with this template by default. You can change it by creating a file in .github/DUPLICATE_ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md and customizing the contents.

The template uses mustache for rendering, and has two variables available:

Deploying to Now

  1. Install the now CLI with npm i -g now

  2. Create an integration on GitHub, using https://[your-now-id].now.sh/ (replacing [your-now-id] with a custom now alias) as the Homepage URL, Callback URL, and Webhook URL. The permissions and events that your bot needs access to will depend on what you use it for. Read more about creating an integration.

  3. After creating your Github integrations, make sure that you click the green install button on the top left of the integration page. This gives you an option of installing the integration on all or a subset of your repositories.

  4. Download the Private Key and put it in this folder called "prod.pem"

  5. Run now

  6. You're up and running