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This is a plugin to share a common MongoDB connection pool across the whole Hapi server.

Options can be a single object with the following keys or an array of the same kind if you need multiple connections :

  • url: Optional. MongoDB connection string (eg. mongodb://user:pass@localhost:27017).
    • defaults to mongodb://localhost:27017
  • settings: Optional. Provide extra settings to the connection, see documentation.
  • decorate: Optional. Rather have exposed objects accessible through server and request decorations. You cannot mix different types of decorations.
    • If true, server.mongo or request.mongo
    • If it's a string, server.<string> or request.<string>

Several objects are exposed by this plugin :

  • client : MongoClient for that connection. If an array was provided for the configuration, it will be an array of MongoClients in the same order
  • db : Db for that connection. If an array was provided for the configuration, it will be an array of Dbs in the same order
  • lib : mongodb library in case you need to use it
  • ObjectID : mongodb ObjectID constructor in case you need to use it

Usage example :

const Hapi = require('hapi');
const Boom = require('boom');

const launchServer = async function() {
    const dbOpts = {
        url: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/test',
        settings: {
            poolSize: 10
        decorate: true
    const server = Hapi.server();
    await server.register({
        plugin: require('hapi-mongodb'),
        options: dbOpts

   server.route( {
        method: 'GET',
        path: '/users/{id}',
        async handler(request) {

            const db = request.mongo.db;
            const ObjectID = request.mongo.ObjectID;

            try {
                const result = await db.collection('users').findOne({  _id: new ObjectID( });
                return result;
            catch (err) {
                throw Boom.internal('Internal MongoDB error', err);

    await server.start();
    console.log(`Server started at ${}`);

launchServer().catch((err) => {

Compatibility level

  • Hapi >= 17
  • Node.js >= 8

Ships with mongodb 3.x.


A simple Hapi MongoDB connection plugin, accessing one or several connections pools through server or request properties



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