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Contains PKGBUILD files for creating Arch Linux packages:

  • Packages for my own applications and libraries such as Syncthing Tray, Tag Editor, Password Manager, ...
  • Packages I maintain in the AUR:
    • misc packages, eg. Subtitle Composer, openelec-dvb-firmware, Jangouts
    • mingw-w64 packages which allow to build for Windows under Arch Linux, eg. FreeType 2 and Qt 5
    • android packages which allow to build for Android under Arch Linux, eg. iconv, Boost, OpenSSL, CppUnit, Qt 5 and Kirigami
    • apple-darwin packages which allow to build for MaxOS X under Arch Linux, eg. osxcross and Qt 5 (still experimental)
  • Other packages imported from the AUR to build with slight modifications

So if you like to improve one of my AUR packages, just create a PR here.

Binary repository

I also provide a binary repository containing the packages found in this repository and a lot of packages found in the AUR:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$repo/os/$arch
Server =$repo/os/$arch

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server =$repo/os/$arch
Server =$repo/os/$arch

The testing repository is required if you have also enabled the official testing repository. (Packages contained by ownstuff-testing are linked against packages found in the official testing repository.)

The repository is focusing on x86_64 but some packages are also provided for i686 and aarch64.

Note that I can not assure that required rebuilds always happen fast enough (since the offical developers obviously don't wait for me before releasing their packages from staging).

Docker image

Checkout the repository docker-mingw-qt5.


Each package is in its own subdirectoy:


where default-pkg-name is the default package name (eg. qt5-base) and variant usually one of:

  • default: the regular package
  • git/svn/hg: the development version
  • mingw-w64: the Windows version (i686/SJLJ and x86_64/SEH)
  • android-{aarch64,armv7a-eabi,x86-64,x86}: the Android version (currently only aarch64 actively maintained/tested)
  • apple-darwin: the MacOS X version (still experimental)

The repository does not contain .SRCINFO files.

Generated PKGBUILDs

To avoid repetition some PKGBUILDs are generated. These PKGBUILDs are determined by the presence of the file besides the actual PKGBUILD file. The PKGBUILD file is only present for read-only purposes in this case - do not edit it manually. Instead, edit the file and invoke devel/generator/ This requires the perl-Mojolicious package to be installed. Set the environment variable LOG_LEVEL to adjust the log level (e.g. debug/info/warn/error). Template layouts/fragments are stored within generator/templates.

Documentation about the used templating system

Contributing to patches

Patches for most packages are managed in a fork of the project under my GitHub profile. For instance, patches for mingw-w64-qt5-base are managed at

I usually create a dedicated branch for each version, eg. 5.10.1-mingw-w64. It contains all the patches based on Qt 5.10.1. When doing fixes later on, I usually preserve the original patches and create a new branch, eg. 5.10.1-mingw-w64-fixes.

So in this case it would make sense to contribute directly there. To fix an existing patch, just create a fixup commit. This (unusual) fixup workflow aims to keep the number of additional changes as small as possbile.

To get the patches into the PKGBUILD files, the script devel/qt5/ is used.

Mass rebasing of Qt patches

This is always done by me. Please don't try to help here because it will only cause conflicts. However, the workflow is quite simple:

  1. Run devel/qt5/ on all Qt repository forks or just devel/qt5/
    • eg. 5.11.0 5.10.1 fixes to create branch 5.11.0-mingw-w64 based on 5.10.1-mingw-w64-fixes
    • after fixing possible conflicts, run devel/qt5/
    • otherwise, that's it
    • all scripts need to run in the Git repository directory of the Qt module except which needs the environment variable QT_GIT_REPOS_DIR to be set
  2. Run devel/qt5/ or devel/qt5/ to update PKGBUILDs

Supported build and deployment tools for mingw-w64-qt5 packages

Currently, I test with qmake and CMake. With both build systems it is possible to use either the shared or the static libraries. Please read the comments in the PKGBUILD file itself and the pinned comments in the AUR for futher information.

There are also pkgconfig files, but those aren't really tested.

qbs and windeployqt currently don't work very well (see issues). Using mxedeployqt might be an alternative for windeployqt.


PKGBUILDs for creating various Arch Linux packages (including lots of mingw-w64 cross compiler packages)





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